Resident Owned & Governed

resident Maplewood Park Place is a resident-owned cooperative community located in Bethesda, Maryland. Built in 1996, Maplewood’s 207 spacious homes provide their owners with all the tax advantages of home ownership, like deductibility of interest and real estate taxes, and even a medical deduction. Should you choose to relocate, your home can be sold and you’ll reap the benefits of any appreciation. Or, you can include it as an asset in your estate. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about upkeep and all the chores that go along with home ownership.

Resident Governed

Self Governance at Work

Maplewood is governed for seniors, by seniors. There are two boards, one made up of residents and the other comprised of residents and a group of senior experts outside Maplewood, that focus on the community’s success. These boards work hand in hand with the leading management company in the industry, and they influence nearly every aspect of life at Maplewood, from ground maintenance, to maintaining quality service employees, to choosing the dining menus. Residents participate in more than 20 committees that generate a quality of life that makes Maplewood unique.

Maplewood Park Place Committees & Boards

Activity Advisory Committee

Meets monthly to critique past events/activities and to discuss the various future activities residents would like to attend, who they would like to have present lectures, and to review all suggested activities.

Art Committee

Meet as needed. Purpose: To create and orchestrate Maplewood's Art Gallery Exhibits

Building & Facilities Committee

Meets monthly to discuss any suggested projects to help maintain the community's appearance & sound structure.

Decorating Committee

Meet as needed to review and update MPP decorations in the community spaces. For example, selecting new carpeting, upholstery, flowers, redesigning public restrooms, wallpaper, etc.

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Meets to review and enhance MPP emergency procedures for staff & residents.

Flower Arrangers

To enhance the dining room experience with fresh flowers and seasonal decorations for the IL, AL and SN dining room tables. The committee meets every Monday to refresh the vases of flowers and on every Thursday to replace the flowers.

Food Committee

Meets monthly to discuss policies, trends, etc. of our dining room and dining services.

Health Issues Committee

Meets monthly. Purpose: Overview of health care services throughout the community to meet the needs of the residents.

Hospitality Committee

Responsible for welcoming new residents to the community. The committee meets every other month.

Landscaping Committee

Meets monthly. Purpose: Residents create preferences for upkeep, improvements and beautification of MPP within budgetary guidelines set and approved by the Mgmt. Co. and the community Board. The committee's prime objective is to assist in maintaining the appearance and condition of the facility to the highest standards.

Library Committee

Meets monthly. Purpose: Organize the library (shelve books, cataloging procedures and G&A)

Marketing Committee

Meets as needed. Help design and review marketing approaches.

Movie Committee

Meets monthly. Purpose: Select monthly Friday and Monday movies as well as movie outings.

Neighbor To Neighbor Committee

Meets every other month. Purpose: To have an organized group of residents available to visit and assist those residents who may be ill/incapacitated; may accompany residents to and from hospital and/or doctor's office.

Newsletter Committee

Meets monthly, Club Room, 10-11. Purpose: To discuss and review articles for the upcoming issue of the Messenger, the community newsletter.

Resident Gift Fund Committee

Last quarter of year-as needed. This committee is responsible for securing funds to provide gifts to staff each year.

Transportation Committee

Meets as needed. This committee helps with purchasing new vehicles, tranportation policies & procedures, etc.

Workshop Committee

Meets weekly. This committee assists residents with very minor repairs upon request.

Budget & Finance Committee

Meet as needed. Purpose: To provide a forum for resident oversight and input into annual budget process, including establishment of any changes to the monthly fees. The committee also reviews and responds to questions from all residents regarding the financial state of affairs for MPP.

Quality Committee

Meet quarterly. Reviews and monitors the quality of all services provided at MPP as well as the appearance of the community, etc.

Ad-Hoc Large Building Elements Committee

Rules & Regulations Committee

Meet as needed. Purpose: To review the community's Rules and Regulations. Make recommendations to the Board.

Cooperative Housing Corporation

Review and determine necessary courses of action for all policies and financial decisions related to the operation of the Cooperative Housing Corporation. Meets monthly.

Retirement Services Inc.

Meets Monthly. Review and determine necessary courses of action for all policies and financial decisions related to the operation of the Retirement Services, Inc.