Why choose Maplewood Park Place to be your next home?

Because Maplewood's :

  1. Location is prime.
    Our just-off-the-Beltway location provides convenient access to shopping and cultural activities in Bethesda and Washington.
  2. Economics are solid.
    Besides home ownership, you'll also appreciate that Lifecare is available for qualified residents: high-quality, long-term care at a manageable cost.
  3. Size is optimum.
    All areas/amenities of the community are easily accessible; no need to take a shuttle from one side to the other.
  4. Governance is by residents.
    A co-op board ensures residents have the ultimate decision-making power. The members of the board are fellow residents who also have a personal investment in the community
  5. Management team is seasoned.
    Our managers are highly experienced in the senior living field and are readily accessible to our residents.
  6. Care is continuous.
    All phases of continuing care are provided on site, for use by our residents only, so if, or when, you need the additional services, chances are you'll know your neighbors. It also makes it easy to visit friends and spouses when separated due to health events. Also, our nursing area has been rated 5 stars- the highest possible rating!
  7. Food is excellent.
    You'll find our dining experience is something to savor every day—artfully prepared meals that appeal to the most discriminating of tastes.
  8. Quality of life is unparalleled.
    We continually strive to exceed expectations and deliver on our promise of an exceptional experience.