Over the course of 25 years, especially in a fast-moving cosmopolitan city like Bethesda, many things change. Businesses, restaurants, and families come and go, and the shape of the city itself evolves to meet the needs of the growing population. However, since late 1995, one Bethesda fixture has remained here and has stayed true to its foundational purpose of providing exceptional retirement living: Maplewood Park Place.

That doesn’t mean that Maplewood Park Place hasn’t evolved—it certainly has—but our commitment to serving seniors who become our owner residents remains steadfast.

As this community celebrates the 25th anniversary of welcoming its first owner residents, we’d like to reflect on what got us to this point, as well as where we will be headed in the future. Come along with us as we share our story, and in the meantime, learn what makes Maplewood Park Place an unmatched retirement destination.

Inspired to serve

Maplewood Park Place came into existence with inspiration from Robert Mitchell, president of the foremost homebuilding firm, Mitchell & Best. Mitchell wanted to serve the senior population in the Bethesda area, as no communities like it existed at the time.

So, Mitchell and his team partnered with Opus Management Corporation for its decades of experience and expertise in development and contracting, and brought Maplewood Park Place to life. Construction began in the fall of 1994 and took 14 months, which was actually four months ahead of schedule. The community was ready for its first group of owner residents to move in by late 1995.

New neighbors

Our first three owner residents moved into Maplewood Park Place in December 1995, during an ice storm of all things! Once everything settled, those few owner residents basically had the entire community to themselves; all 455,000 square feet of elegantly appointed spaces and their own brand-new residences. Plus, a full staff was on board to serve them, guided by Marriott Senior Living’s excellent hospitality and service.

Before long, more fellow owner residents would join in on the fun, with sometimes as many as four new families per day moving onto campus. By the end of 1996, Maplewood Park Place was fully occupied and home to more than 250 owner residents—a total we maintain during most years.

With a full house and a community of owner residents seeking to join us as we redefined the retirement experience, the Maplewood Park Place story really took off!

The best in Bethesda

Quickly, we built a reputation as the provider of a top-tier retirement lifestyle throughout the DC and Bethesda region. Our vast array of engaging and inspiring programming has allowed our owner residents to experience things that one would not expect from a community designed for older adults. People living here continue their longtime hobbies and passions, and discover virtually endless opportunities for honing total wellness.

In addition, our location that brings the best of Bethesda to your doorstep means that world-class culture, arts, sports, and entertainment are minutes away. And just as accessible are your favorite Bethesda Row cafes, shops, and hangout spots.

This combination of amenities, activities, and location has garnered us the coveted “Best Senior Living Community” award from Bethesda Magazine for 12 consecutive years! We’ve been the best around for nearly half of our existence and we expect our streak to continue, especially when you factor in some of the ways we’ve gotten even better.

Evolving and continuing to redefine the retirement experience

Our most notable evolution has been the $8.2 million renovation project that took place here between 2016 and 2019. We completely overhauled our health care offerings (available here on-site should the need ever arise) into a residential model to feel homier and more comfortable for residents and families.

Then, we capped it off with extensive upgrades to our Lobby Level, including three brand-new restaurants (the 9707 Café, Urban Table, and Market on the Square Bistro) as well as a stunning event space and ballroom that can accommodate all types of gatherings. In fact, that event space and piano lounge are where we celebrated this milestone anniversary.

Celebrating 25 years and looking to the future

We celebrated our “silver” anniversary on March 5th, 2021, with a large cocktail reception featuring one of our very own owner residents, Chip Smoley, gracing the space with an assortment of jazz piano tunes. We also set up a photo station for members of our community to get their professional portraits taken while marking the occasion. Everything was followed by a delicious surf-and-turf dinner overseen by our award-winning Executive Chef Francis Otoo.

See photos and professional portraits of those who attended the fun event below! (Note: All staff and residents were fully vaccinated at the time of the event.)

Now that the confetti has landed, we are excited for what the next 25 years will bring for Maplewood Park Place. No matter what, we will continue to remain responsive to our owner residents, who have a true home and true equity in the experience we provide here.

If you’re looking for an award-winning retirement community in Bethesda, with home ownership arrangements that keep you in control, look no further than Maplewood Park Place. We’ve been redefining retirement for more than 25 years! Click here or call 301-571-7444 to schedule a virtual or safe on-site tour that’s personalized to your interests.