Today’s retirees have more options than ever when it comes to communities and levels of care, which can be a little overwhelming if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.

Resident-owned communities like Maplewood Park Place are the most attractive type of retirement living for many people. In fact, resident-owned communities have been a growing trend in the United States since the 1960s, and it’s not hard to see why.

If you’re thinking about choosing a retirement living community, here are the top five reasons why you should consider Maplewood Park Place:

1. Good Neighbors Live Here

We pride ourselves on the friendliness of our community. As you walk our halls, you’re sure to be greeted with smiling faces and welcoming neighbors who want to get to know you better. We’ll even help by assigning you an “ambassador,” who can show you the ropes and introduce you around.

We believe the presence of like-minded peers contributes to a higher quality of life and various activities, clubs, committees, guest performances, and group outings offer plenty of ways to be engaged and make new friends. Our way of life fosters a strong sense of togetherness. We even have “The Messenger,” a resident-run monthly newsletter that shares owner residents’ stories so that neighbors can get to know each other even better.

2. Resort Style Living

We may not have palm trees in Bethesda, but Maplewood offers all the amenities you’d find at a five-star resort. Our fitness center includes a pool, free weights and machines, and fun group classes for all levels of fitness. Our renowned executive chef oversees our three dining concepts, which offer everything from haute cuisine and light fare to just about anything in between. And talk about convenience—you can visit the library, the salon, the post office, banking services, and many other conveniences without leaving the building. And, of course, transportation services, concierge services, housekeeping, security, and maintenance are also all included in your monthly fee. These readily available amenities and services are just more reasons that life at Maplewood Park Place can enhance your happiness and well-being.

Bethesda is also a cultural destination of its own. Close access to art galleries, walking trails, and live performances means there’s always something to explore. And we’re just a short distance from Washington DC and its many cultural and entertainment options.  

3. You Own Your Home

With a resident-owned community like Maplewood, you get all the tax advantages of home ownership and on-site health care included in your monthly fee. And if you decide to relocate, you can sell your home and reap the benefits of any appreciation. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about upkeep and all the chores that accompany home ownership.
Being an owner resident at Maplewood means your voice is heard, and you can make your home your home. You also won’t have to move should your health care needs change because our financial structure provides predictability and protection against rising health care costs. That helps you plan and budget for your retirement years more effectively.

Our community is structured a bit like a homeowners association, meaning you’ll pay a one-time entry fee and a nominal monthly fee to enjoy everything Maplewood offers. And for those with an eye for interior design, you can work with our in-house team to create a home you love.

4. Your Health Care Is Included

Statistically speaking, if you’re older than 70, you’ll likely require long-term health care at some point. At Maplewood, we offer independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care all under one roof. We even have our own on-site physician, and we have many specialists who make regular visits. Our continuum of top-quality care ensures you’ll be able to age in place and receive the appropriate level of assistance and health care should your needs ever change. Knowing that all necessary services are available within the community provides peace of mind. And because health care is included in your monthly fee, you’re insulated from the ever-rising costs of long-term care. Independent living communities offering a full continuum of care like Maplewood give you and your family peace of mind for you and your family by knowing you’ll be cared for should your health care needs change.

5. Better Living Starts Here

Our supportive environment helps allay feelings of isolation commonly reported among seniors who choose to age in place. And maintenance-free living guarantees you get to spend your time doing what you want instead of annoying chores like mowing the grass or cleaning gutters.

Retirees who choose independent living tend to stay active longer because of the abundance of wellness classes and activities. Our holistic approach to health supports the seven dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial. Here, we care for the mind, body, and spirit. Our focus on the whole person ensures you’ll be able to continue spending quality time with the people who matter.

It’s important to thoroughly research and visit multiple communities to find the one that best aligns with your preferences, needs, and budget. Each community has its own unique features and offerings, so it’s essential to consider personal priorities when making a big decision.

Hopefully, these five and many other reasons gave you a place to start and maybe encouragement to pick up the phone. Whether you’re just beginning your retirement living journey or haven’t found what you’re looking for quite yet, come see what makes Maplewood Park Place one of the best independent living communities in the D.C. Metro area. Book your tour today by calling 301-571-7441.