Retirement living is more exciting than ever, but what does that look like for you? Read why no two days are ever the same at Maplewood Park Place.

Don’t let the word retirement fool you; life at Maplewood Park Place is anything but retiring. Located in the thriving suburb of Bethesda, Maryland, our community couldn’t be more perfectly situated for people who like to be close to it all. Living at Maplewood Park Place gives you the best of both worlds because there’s just so much to do here and around Bethesda.

One of the luxuries of retirement is spending your time the way you want, but what exactly does that look like for you? Liberated from chores and housework, you’re free to pursue whatever piques your interest, and at Maplewood, there are plenty of ways to make each day engaging. There’s nothing “typical” about our community, but you’ll find that most days go a little something like this:

Starting Your Day on the Right Foot

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start your day with warm conversations over hot coffee in the 9707 Café. Here is where you’ll also find a variety of “Grab ‘n Go” and made-to-order breakfast options.

You’ll really get going with Coffee & Headlines, a very popular informal current events discussion group every Monday at 10 a.m. About 50 residents get together and unpack current events that their neighbors present. Since many living here enjoyed esteemed careers, they’ve become known as experts in the group on the topics they present for discussion.

Wellness starts from within; by that, we mean within the community. Exercise helps you stay independent longer, which is why many of us work out in the gym or attend group fitness classes several times a week. We make workouts fun with popular classes like Bodyweight “Magic,” led by our beloved instructor Aaron Gamble, or Zumba, yoga, water aerobics, and more! Finding something that makes you feel good about yourself is what it’s all about.

School Is Never Out at Maplewood Park Place

Continuing education and engagement are two ways we create a well-rounded environment for you in our community. We love that we don’t have to go far to enjoy world-class entertainment and lectures. Most afternoons, you’ll almost surely find something interesting to attend.
Our community attracts many great guest speakers, performers, and presenters. For 15 years, one of our owner residents has managed a guest lecturer series at Osher at Johns Hopkins University, a lifelong learning program for retirees. When he moved to Maplewood, he brought his dedication to lifelong learning with him, providing us all with the pleasure of two guest speakers per month.

Just this year, we’ve hosted Congressman Jamie Raskin as well as political commentator Chuck Todd, each of whom gave presentations on the current state of American politics. However, if live music is more your thing, you’ll be delighted to know that our auditorium hosts regular performances from some of the world’s best symphonies.

Classes and workshops help owner residents connect and hone new skills. The resident-run “Messenger” is the perfect outlet for writers who live here. This monthly publication features neighbors sharing quirky stories, fun facts, and other tidbits that help them fully become known in the community.

At the End of the Day

After a full day of exciting activity, you’re sure to work up an appetite. That’s where our distinguished executive chef and his team really shine. Our culinary team creates new menus from locally sourced ingredients. Taste-tempting world cuisine aside, the best thing you’ll find on the menu is riveting conversations with friends and neighbors.

Like wine? Join us for happy hour at 4:00 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday. Mingle with friends and unwind with your favorite wine, beer, or cocktail. You’ll also find that a game of billiards is also a great way to bond, share some old memories, and create new ones.

Not everyone is a joiner, and that’s okay too. Our private and roomy residences provide a relaxing haven to curl up with a good book or watch your favorite TV shows. At Maplewood Park Place, you’re free to be social or solo or do your own thing, and it’s always your choice. Independent living here is precisely what it sounds like—independent.

So, if you thought independent living was all shuffleboard and Werther’s candies, you’re mistaken. Today’s retirees have a younger mindset and aren’t in a hurry to get “old.” Communities like Maplewood Park Place let owner residents take charge of their lives without the hassles of chores and home repairs, and you can discover what brings you joy with all the newly found freedom. When you’re ready to tour, we’ll be ready to show you a good time! Book your visit today by calling 301-571-7441.