Choosing a smaller residence makes room for more joy in your life.

 Finding your next home might look different after retirement than when you were raising a family. These days, more and more retirees are deciding to simplify their lives by choosing a more communal life in a smaller home.   

At Maplewood Park Place, our modern approach to retirement living is reflected in the upscale design of our building and apartments. With a wide variety of apartment sizes and floor plans from which to choose, the options to create your ideal home are abundant.

Make yourself at home in a space that uniquely suits you. All our apartments can be renovated to your taste with the help of our in-house team. The convenience of living in the same building as your gym, library, post office, and more will make you wonder what a new way of living could look like for you.

Your Apartment, Your Way  

A major perk of homeownership is the opportunity to open layouts or select finishes and flooring that fit your taste. Longtime resident Jane McDonnell selected the popular two-bedroom, two-bathroom Kenwood layout when she moved from New Jersey to Bethesda to be closer to her children. After being won over by the friendliness of the people she met while touring, she knew Maplewood Park Place felt like home to her.

Jane really liked an apartment she had seen during her tour, and as luck would have it, the very same floor plan became available on the first floor. Inspired by the Kenwood apartment she’d seen before, Jane worked with the Maplewood Park Place team to create a home she loved.   

“At first, I was a little worried about downsizing, but I’ve found that I love this size. It’s perfect for me. I have all the space I need,” Jane said.

Seeing is Believing   

Touring retirement communities can be very exciting, even if it’s just from your couch. That’s why we created 360-degree virtual tours to show off all the spacious floor plans available.   

Retirement is a great opportunity to reassess how much space you really need. A lot of retirees report a feeling of relief after downsizing. Free of unnecessary clutter from decades of living in the same home, you can feel good knowing your “stuff” won’t be a burden later. With less to be responsible for, there’s more time to pursue what you love, and the maintenance-free lifestyle offered at Maplewood Park Place lets you do just that.   

While the Kenwood was the right choice for Jane, others don’t need as much space. If it’s just you, our one-bedroom apartments can be great because they’re easy to furnish and fun to decorate. The Huntington and Cabin John floor plans are great one-bedroom options for folks who’ve decided they’re over cleaning a big house. A bay window in the Cabin John makes for a cute reading nook or place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. If you need a little more space, our two Alta Vista floor plans or the Carderock also have larger bathrooms and can be a great option for couples.  

When you come for a tour, you’ll have plenty to see. You’ll feel right at home strolling our halls because everyone smiles and waves. Owner residents are proud to show off their homes, allowing you to see what’s possible.   

Everything You Need, In One Place  

While home ownership is the biggest thing that distinguishes Maplewood Park Place from other Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), there are many others—including the fact that all of our many amenities are housed under the same roof—even the parking garage!  

Maplewood Park Place is designed with convenience and comfort in mind. That means virtually everything you need is just an elevator ride away. Our three incredible dining venues save you the trouble of cooking and the expense of ordering in. There’s also no need to drive around from medical appointment to medical appointment because award-winning healthcare is available on-site—and included in your monthly fee! If you prefer to forget driving altogether, our transportation service is ready to take you where you need to go.     

When you make your home at Maplewood Park Place, you’ll gain new friendship opportunities by participating in our many resident-led clubs, committees, classes, and cultural events. From the moment you walk through our doors as a new owner resident, you’ll receive a warm welcome from people who genuinely want to get to know you. Dining is a social activity, and our dining venues provide great opportunities to easily strike up a conversation with people who’ve lived extraordinary lives.   

But don’t just take our word for it—the best way to experience what your life here can be like is to come visit in person. If you’re thinking about “rightsizing” your life, let’s talk. Our trusted team of Life Plan Advisors have a lot of helpful knowledge on where to start and what might be the best type of floor plan for your needs. Give us a call today at 301-571-7441 to schedule your visit.