How one Maplewood Park Place owner resident customized her apartment.

A major advantage of home ownership is the opportunity to customize your home to match your style and preferences—and reap the rewards these changes make in the value of your home. At Maplewood Park Place, residents own their homes and are welcome to customize them before moving in. Our on-site team of professionals will take care of all the details, making the process very easy for you. We’ve helped countless people remodel their apartments, like retired schoolteacher Jane McDonnell who moved here from New Jersey to be closer to her children in the Bethesda area.

After visiting several retirement communities, the friendliness at Maplewood won her over. Jane selected the spacious Kenwood floor plan that features two bedrooms, a sunroom, and two bathrooms.

A Kenwood apartment became available on the first floor that Jane bought and began reimagining. She was inspired by the open floor plan concept she had seen in another resident’s Kenwood and worked with the Maplewood design and build team to recreate her vision.

Create the space you love

“I used some ideas from the apartment I’d seen on the fifth floor which had been beautifully renovated by the Maplewood team . I had them install a brand-new kitchen, took a wall out and opened it up to the living room. I put in all new flooring, had both baths renovated, installed recessed lighting throughout, and had custom window treatments installed. I also had a large closet built in the sunroom. It was a brand-new apartment when it was finished.

I was a little worried about downsizing at first, but I’ve found that I love this size. It’s perfect for me. I have all the space I need.”  

Making connections through involvement

Jane got involved in community life right away. As an avid reader, it’s no surprise she joined the Library Committee. The library is one of many impressive amenities Maplewood’s offers. New books are constantly hitting the shelves and volunteers like Jane curate the monthly display tables, rotate inventory, and manage check-outs.

We really have a lovely library in Maplewood that is enjoyed throughout the day, offering a very peaceful and inviting atmosphere.  Our avid readers take full advantage of the generous collection of best-selling authors available to them.

In addition to her work with the Library Committee, Jane was recently elected to the Cooperative Housing Corporation Board. She was elected secretary of the board and loves the opportunity to serve the community. When she’s not involved in community leadership, Jane can be found working out in both of Aaron Gamble’s fitness classes: “Dumb Bell Surprise” and “Body Weight Magic”.  Jane also enjoys taking long walks, admiring the scenery and taking in the fresh air as she travels on paths on the grounds of Maplewood, on the Bethesda Trolley Trail, and on other paths nearby.

Setting down roots

Being closer to family was a catalyst for Jane to relocate to Bethesda. Her daughter was involved in the renovation process, occasionally stopping by to take measurements.

“I like it so much here that if my daughter had to move from Bethesda, I wouldn’t try to follow her. I’d visit often, but I feel very settled here. My apartment makes me feel good, it’s a part of me. I have a big family and have all my family pictures up. I feel very blessed. And really, it’s the people here at Maplewood Park Place. I mean, you can’t go down the main hallway without somebody starting a conversation. I remember a friend of mine coming to dinner one night, and she said, ‘I’m sorry I’m late, traffic was heavy coming down the hall, so many friends to talk to.”

At Maplewood Park Place, you’ll experience the best of all worlds in retirement living for active adults: the joys of friendship and the benefits of home ownership. The assistance you’ll receive customizing your new home to your vision is just one of the many ways you’ll feel right at home here.

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