For the past 25 years, Maplewood Park Place in Bethesda has offered a unique homeownership-based retirement living experience. Choosing among Maplewood’s 18 floor plans—and making it truly your own, with nearly limitless remodeling and customization options—is one of the most fun parts of living here.

That is, at least, until you meet your neighbors! Each day, friendly faces will greet you throughout our tight-knit community nestled perfectly just inside the Capital Beltway. So, when you’re not enjoying your bright, spacious, and made-for-you residence, you’ll find yourself among like-minded peers who redefine what it means to retire.

Here, we invite you to get to know a couple of our most popular residence styles, the Huntington and the Brookmont. Plus, you’ll hear firsthand from a couple of Maplewood owner residents on why they are so happy with their residence selections.

Margaret: Home sweet Huntington

In the late 1990s, the first time Margaret Grigsby saw Maplewood Park Place in Bethesda, she commented in jest that she’d like to live here someday. Lo and behold, in the summer of 2018 she moved into her very own Huntington apartment at Maplewood.

“I looked at several places and it came down to Maplewood,” Margaret said. “It’s a smaller community, a warm and embracing one, and I liked what I saw.”

The Huntington is one of the most desirable residences at Maplewood Park Place in Bethesda.
Margaret Grigsby, enjoying her beloved coffee in the Huntington apartment at Maplewood Park Place.

Maplewood lived up to the positive first impression it left on Margaret. For example, as someone who considers herself “at home once the coffee pot gets plugged in,” Margaret’s caffeine craving got answered in the best way.

“The first day here I went downstairs looking for a cup of coffee. Someone had gotten me a cup without even asking. That’s how I knew I was in the right place,” she laughed.

As for Margaret’s own place, she is very pleased with her Huntington apartment, which is one of Maplewood’s many one-bedroom homes. And like most of her neighbors, Margaret had her Huntington customized to her liking.

“I had the apartment totally gutted,” she explained. “The contractors redid the bathroom, kitchen, flooring, window treatments, and paint. I have to make wherever I live my own home regardless of what it was before, and this home is truly mine. Maplewood was always right there along the way.”

The Huntington is one of the most desirable residences at Maplewood Park Place in Bethesda.
The custom kitchen at Margaret G.’s Huntington residence at Maplewood Park Place

While the renovations were underway within Margaret’s apartment, so were the campus-wide renovations here at Maplewood. So, by the time she moved in, the experience was totally different.

“You probably won’t talk to anyone with a more comfortable apartment,” Margaret added. “It’s as worry-free a place as anyone could live. Do I miss my atrium? Absolutely, but there’s no perfect place, and this sure comes close!”

Elaine: Living large in the Brookmont

Nothing can quite match the feeling of a wide-open sky above you, and Elaine certainly knows the feeling well. Having owned several convertibles, she has a special appreciation and affinity for an airy environment.

Elaine, pictured driving her newest convertible with friends at Maplewood Park Place

That may explain why she loves her Brookmont residence at Maplewood Park Place, one of the largest floor plans that the community has to offer. At a generous 1,600 square feet and boasting two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a den, and a sunroom, it’s surely a retreat.

Elaine’s Brookmont residence at Maplewood Park Place.

“So many people choose to come to Maplewood due to the layout of the residences, and I bought my home without even seeing it first,” Elaine explained. “My daughter actually came here and picked it out for me before I moved here from Florida, and she thought it was the one I’d like best. She was right!”

Like Margaret, Elaine also specified a wide array of custom touches to her new home. She had the construction team remove a few of the walls to make it feel even more open and airy. Like dropping the top on a cabriolet, if you will. And being on the first floor, her Brookmont has 10-foot ceilings that allow the windows to let in even more natural light.

“It really is spectacular,” Elaine said. “I feel like it turned into a completely different-feeling space, and I appreciated being able to customize it.”

On top of the wall removals, Elaine had the entire kitchen redone (including double-dishwasher and double-oven installs), upgraded the crown moldings and baseboards, and added French oak light hardwood throughout. The best part? She owns it all.

“With the true homeownership and co-op system here, we don’t need to answer to anyone else. We have so many options and we have a say in so much beyond our home, too.”

On that note, Elaine commented on her participation in one of the many resident committees at Maplewood, the food committee. Being such a part of the community is “delightful,” she added. And like many others have done, Elaine’s comparison of the Maplewood lifestyle to living on a cruise ship is a fair one.

“There’s always something going on. You can pick and choose what to do. I’ve participated in art exhibits and art discussions. And each Saturday evening, my friends and I gather out on the beautiful outdoor terrace.”

Plus, with so much going on within and beyond the Maplewood campus, both Margaret and Elaine have no shortage of things to keep them busy, even if that means spending time away from the custom homes they love so much!

As one would imagine, the best way to experience the floor plan options at Maplewood Park Place is to see them firsthand during a personal tour. We invite you to stop by and see the blank canvases for the colorful retirement lifestyle you’ll create with us.

Call us today at 301-571-7444 or click here to schedule a visit at a time that accommodates your schedule. We also offer virtual tours if that is more convenient for you. We look forward to hearing from you!