Maplewood Park Place combines the best of home ownership with the perks of retirement living. 
Does anyone love doing yardwork and home repairs? We didn’t think so. Still, it can be overwhelming to think about leaving a place you’ve spent decades calling home. If you like the idea of home ownership, but with a lot less of the labor, owning a home in a retirement community may be a perfect fit for you.  

At a Life Plan Community like Maplewood Park Place, owner residents purchase their homes and leave the maintenance to the pros. With all that extra time, you’ll have more time to do more of the things you love like visiting friends, enjoying your favorite hobbies, or trying new ones.
Own your home and make it your own 
You’ve worked hard, and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. At Maplewood Park Place you own your own home and can make it your own. You can take advantage of great tax benefits, like the deductibility of interest and real estate taxes, and even a medical deduction. You can also customize your home to suit your tastes. You’re a homeowner without the hassles because our on-site professional staff keeps your home, and the entire community in tip-top condition.  
As an owner resident at Maplewood Park Place, your voice is always heard. Owner residents have a say in the day-to-day operations of the community. Our co-op board is run by owner residents and works closely with our professional management team to ensure all viewpoints are represented. We encourage all owner residents to get involved with leadership committees.  
Continuing care provides peace of mind 
At Maplewood Park Place, besides home ownership, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our Lifecare is available for qualified residents: high quality, long-term health care and assisted living at reduced costs, all with the convenience of being under the same roof as our independent living. Many of our community members switch their primary care doctor to the health center on-site.  

In addition to having the full continuum of care, we also have an on-site wellness clinic with Dr. Gary Wilks, an award-winning geriatric internist. He’s always on call for his patients, plus he’s in our clinic four days a week. For your convenience his services are covered by Medicare. We also have registered nurses in the clinic five days a week, and by appointment on weekends. Specialists like audiologists, podiatrists, lab services, physical, speech, and occupational therapists, and more are also available. Our five-star-rated and Medicare-certified Wellness Clinic is open to all residents.  
If you don’t drive but want to see doctors and specialists in the area, don’t worry. Our shuttles can take you to your appointments Monday through Friday. Our shuttle service also provides scheduled trips to grocery stores, shopping malls, Davis Library, churches, and more.  

Maplewood Park Place owner residents get quality care in every sense of the word. Aside from healthcare needs, owner residents never have to worry about home repairs and housework. If cleaning the bathroom and changing the sheets aren’t for you, those things are included in your weekly housekeeping. Family members can feel confident knowing their loved one is enjoying a wonderful lifestyle in a beautiful environment.

New friendships await you 
Any Maplewood Park Place community member will tell you one of the best parts of life here is the people. Staff and owner residents treat each other like family, and neighbors quickly become lifelong friends. A full schedule of weekly programming provides wonderful opportunities for new connections.  
Physical wellness is also a big part of the lifestyle for owner residents at Maplewood Park Place. With the fitness center and pool in the same building, getting a workout in is no problem. You don’t even have to put on your coat to go to the gym! Popular group classes like bodyweight “magic” workout and water aerobics help you feel your best.  
Life Plan Communities tend to offer more classes, activities, and programming than other retirement living options because the residents determine the programming. Owner residents can pursue new hobbies like creative writing, floral arrangement, yoga, and much more. Games like pocket billiards, bridge, trivia, bingo, and Mahjong as well as group outings create shared experiences with new friends. Additional opportunities to socialize include support groups, faith groups, book clubs, and more.  

We never stop learning at Maplewood Park Place. We host many guest lecturers who are scholars, researchers, scientists, and people making the news on television and in print media. We also offer excellent live music performances by local artists. Weekly film and lecture series programs keep owner residents actively engaged with current events and opportunities to learn something new.  
No two Life Plan Communities are the same, but what separates Maplewood Park Place is our commitment to caring for you throughout your whole life. By choosing a Life Plan Community, you’re insulating yourself against the rising costs of healthcare and home repairs, which adds up to a better investment for you.  
If you’re considering a Life Plan Community but aren’t sure where to start, one of our helpful Maplewood consultants is happy to help answer your questions today by calling 301-571-7441.