How we continue to offer an amazing array of concerts from genres like classical, jazz, Broadway musicals, contemporary and yes “Golden Oldies.”

If you like all the excitement of cities like Washington D.C. but aren’t so crazy about parking and driving, a suburb like Bethesda, Maryland, might just be perfect for your retirement. Located just a short drive, or better yet, a Metro ride away from D.C., Bethesda offers all the wonderful perks of city life but without many of the hassles. This quaint suburb has always been popular for people who work in the nation’s capital, but it’s arguably one of the region’s best-kept retirement living secrets.

Retirement living affords you more free time to pursue cultural activities. That’s part of what makes Maplewood Park Place a great place for anyone who wants to retire in Bethesda. The wide range of events and activities offered make it an attractive community for those who like making new friends and sharing new experiences. With everything from a fitness center to a health care center all under the same roof, enjoying life to the fullest without the run-around is easy.

There’s a big misconception that retirement living is boring, but retirees who like the excitement of not knowing where their day will take them, feel right at home in a community like Maplewood Park Place. As a resident-owned community, the programming is decided upon by community members. Meaningful programming ranks high for senior housing seekers, which is why owner residents determine the monthly musical performances, guest lectures and other cultural events. Resident-run committees help organize thought-provoking content that inspires attendees to engage with their neighbors on a variety of topics.

Get near the action

Proximity to the U.S. capitol ensures an impressive roster of guest speakers and musical performances, right at Maplewood Park Place. Last year we hosted NBC news anchor Chuck Todd for an interactive lecture about what impacts the 2022 midterm elections could have on the 2024 presidential primaries. We also welcomed former Federal Prosecutor and Senior FBI official, Chuck Rosenberg. He’s a regular contributor on MSNBC and NBC, but it was his exciting career in federal criminal law and high-profile investigations that had everyone talking.

One of the most significant guests to speak at Maplewood Park Place this past year was Congressman Jamie Raskin, a notable voice in Maryland politics for decades. He read from his searing memoir, Unthinkable: Trauma, Truth and the Trials of American Democracy and spoke frankly about his three terms in the state senate as well as his time serving in the current session of the United States Congress.

To help better contextualize some of today’s political topics, author and journalist Eleanor Clift also spoke recently at Maplewood Park Place. Eleanor is a staple of American political journalism and she’s even appeared as herself in films like Independence Day and the tv series Murphy Brown. Drawing on her experience covering politics since the 1970s, Eleanor gave a well-rounded look at how each decade of the past century has been defined by international conflict and catastrophe. Her lecture on whether world peace is possible with today’s challenges helped better contextualize the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Listen to the music

It’s not all politics though, in addition to the notable guest lectures, Maplewood Park Place hosts two concerts per month. The best part? It’s all included for free! If you appreciate classical music, or just simply enjoy learning about new instruments and musical styles, you’ll be right at home.

The music program is facilitated by our Services Board president George Cohen who is also an owner resident. Through his coordination, we’ve hosted a bevy of esteemed musicians like Aaron Goldman, chair of the flute section of the National Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by one of his colleagues; the extraordinarily talented Chuck Redd who performs both on the vibes and snare drums with his pianist brother Robert. We also welcomed guitar jazz duo consisting of the Two Steves (Herberman and Abshire), as well as a number of former Army and Navy career clarinet, saxophone and bass players, violinists and pianists. All of these wonderful performances take place in our convenient and acoustically friendly ballroom.

Thanks to some of the distinguished owner residents, events are anything but generic. For the past 15 years, owner resident Al White has been managing a guest lecturer series at Osher at Johns Hopkins University which is a lifelong learning program for retirees. Since coming to Maplewood Park Place, he brought his commitment to lifelong learning, booking two guest speakers each month.

Few retirement living communities can offer as much intriguing programming as Maplewood Park Place. You don’t necessarily need to live downtown to enjoy the cultural highlights of a major city, but being near Washington D.C. certainly helps draws more intellectually refined artists and speakers.

Forget driving to the Kennedy Center and paying steep ticket prices, Maplewood Park Place offers so much entertainment right on-site that you’ll always have something to anticipate. Do you wish you had more opportunities to take in cultural events? Why not join us for an event and see for yourself what makes Maplewood Park Place a wonderful community for every type of person? Call 301-571-7441 to schedule your tour today.