Making friends comes easily at Maplewood Park Place, and that can start with your first visit. When you arrange a personal tour, you’ll spend time with one of our three sales counselors, Michelle, Sion, or Karen. All are warm and welcoming – and eager to answer your questions. 

They’d love to introduce you to some of Maplewood’s congenial owner residents, who can tell you about their experience here and why they’re delighted they chose our Bethesda community as their home. Meet them for dinner or for a walk to chat and explore the grounds. So many owner residents tell us that meeting new friends before they made their decision helped them see how well they would fit at Maplewood.   

But no need to take it from us; here are some of their stories.   

Diane Sahr, owner resident: “We didn’t know anyone in Maryland. We made friends at Maplewood so quickly!” 

Diane and her husband love their friend-filled life at Maplewood – their second retirement community. Their children had grown and they were ready for life beyond rewarding careers in education and financial planning. So, the couple initially retired to Charlottesville, VA.  

“We had many friends and an active life there,” she says. “But then my husband started showing signs of dementia. We were so active; the change in our lives bowled us over!” When the couple’s doctor suggested they look around for a place where they could still be happy but have access to care if they needed it, they did. 

“We came up here and didn’t know anyone in Maryland,” Diane remembers. “We looked at other places. But when we visited Maplewood, my husband said, ‘We don’t want to leave Charlottesville, but if we do, this is the place for us.’ And he was right. 

“We made friends quickly. People were just so warm and friendly and giving. We would come over for exercise classes, for the holiday get-togethers…and every time, people came up and said, ‘Stay for dinner. Join us.’ Or ‘Come tomorrow for this activity or that activity.’ Each month, there’s a new calendar filled with opportunities to explore and engage.”  

Diane and her husband are delighted with their move to Maplewood Park Place. “It was just a very warm, homey feeling that we got before we even moved here. And now we both know that we made the right decision. It’s really where we should be.” 

Derek Hawver, owner resident: “We didn’t want to stay in our big house, but we wanted to stay in our community near our friends and to make new ones.” 

“We lived in this area for many years,” Derek explains. “But we were living in a big house. Our children had long ago grown up and were living in other places. I got tired of taking care of the gutter, furnace, and lawn. My wife began to get tired of cooking. Eventually, we hired people to do these things. But then we decided we wanted to move.”  

“We were at an age that we were going to move to either an apartment building or a continuing care community like this one. We wanted to stay in the Bethesda area, and we really liked Maplewood because we could buy our own unit and renovate it any way we wanted. It was good we didn’t wait until later because we’ve been able to be very active here.  

“Before we even moved in, we started coming to the musical performances and lectures, and we chose Maplewood because the people are so friendly. It’s just such a wonderful place and the food is great!”  

Each day brings a new selection of freshly prepared dishes for lunch, dinner and/or brunch. Thanks to Executive Chef Francis Otoo and his team, the Hawvers have been able to experience five-star dining without having to leave the community. 

“My wife is very social. She loves to be around other people all day long. I got into running for the board and joining committees. It’s been a renewal for both of us, a ‘livening up.’ Every evening, if we want to, we can have dinner with two or three other people and learn about their lives. Maplewood is full of interesting people. 

“It’s a very, very warm atmosphere, a warm group,” Derek concludes. “It was the right time, a good fit for us, and one of the best decisions we ever made.” 

Plan your visit – and plan on meeting new friends.  

Experience the friendliness and warmth of Maplewood Park Place for yourself. You’re sure to meet interesting people you’ll love talking to, from owner residents to our sales team.   

A key benefit that sets Maplewood apart from other DC-area communities is that you own your home here. You can enjoy all the benefits of home ownership – without any of the hassles – and have the flexibility of renovating it just the way you like. View our floor plans and talk to our owner residents about how easy it was to have their renovations done, and how Maplewood’s team can help with your move. 

Contact Michelle, Sion, or Karen to schedule your personal tour today. You’ll meet great friends on your first visit. They’ll delight in sharing with you how they chose Maplewood – and why they love calling this amazing place home