Maplewood Park Place is a warmly social, active retirement community that’s ideally located in the DC area. Better yet, our unique community offers both the benefits of home ownership and the peace of mind of award-winning healthcare should you ever need it.

Here are some of the queries we hear most often. We hope what you learn will entice you to come meet our owner residents and see for yourself why our beautiful Bethesda co-op community is one of a kind. 

FAQ #1: What are the advantages of Maplewood’s home ownership co-op model?

There are many senior living communities in metro DC, but only Maplewood Park Place lets you own your own home. Here, you can renovate and customize just like you always have. And you’ll join a fun, interesting group of owner residents who participate in all the governance activities of our friendly, well-run community.

People love the idea of home ownership – especially without the hassles of housekeeping, home maintenance and yard work. But there are also other great advantages that our co-op ownership model can provide. Here are some additional benefits to consider:

  • You get all the tax advantages of home ownership, including deductions for interest and real estate taxes.
  • You may receive a significant medical deduction as a member of the co-op.
  • You can reap the benefits of appreciation when you relocate and sell your home.
  • You can include your home as an asset of your estate or trust for your heirs.

Owner residents say they’ve found Maplewood to be a wise financial choice. You can learn more about resident ownership and governance here.

FAQ #2: What is a Lifecare Plan, and how does that relate to the continuum of care?

As a premier Lifecare community, Maplewood Park Place gives you peace of mind you can count on. You can enjoy every day to the fullest knowing you have an affordable, predictable plan in place for excellent healthcare should your needs ever change.

Our Lifecare Plan offers qualified owner residents high-quality, lifelong healthcare at affordable rates. From independent living, you’ll have guaranteed access to our full continuum of care, including assisted living, skilled nursing, personalized memory support, and rehabilitation services. All services have an affordable and predictable service fee.  We are also certified by Medicare and have consistently been awarded their 5-Star rating so you can use your Medicare benefits here as well.

Our Lifecare Plan does more than protect your finances from unforeseen and unpredictable healthcare costs. You’ll also have the comfort and convenience that all our levels of care are provided right here under one roof. So, if you or your spouse ever need extra care, a visit is always just steps away. Independent living owner residents can also opt to have some healthcare services provided right in their own home.

For more in-depth information about our Lifecare Plan, our five-star Medicare-rated healthcare center and the difference between a Lifecare community and a regular continuing care retirement community (also known as a CCRC), read this informative article: Lifelong. Life-changing. Lifecare at Maplewood Park Place in Bethesda.

At Maplewood Park Place, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional, person-centered care so you can live your best life now.

FAQ #3: What’s day-to-day life like at Maplewood Park Place?

We find the best way to answer this question is by inviting you to experience our beautiful, wooded and walkable co-op neighborhood for yourself! But here are some highlights until we have the pleasure of meeting you in person.

Thanks to the prime location of Maplewood Park Place in Bethesda, you can take advantage of the its close proximity to all you love about the DC area. Keep up with local friends. Never miss a performance or a museum show. Dine, shop and enjoy the amazing historic treasures of our nation’s capital. Maplewood even provides complimentary transportation services to a variety of venues, from shopping centers to doctors’ offices.

When you return to the beautiful home you own at Maplewood Park Place, you can look forward to everyday living that’s equally active, engaging and enriching.

Enjoy our five-star dining, abundant social events, more than 20 clubs, diverse activities, amazing fitness facilities and classes. wellness programs, and world class speakers’ program and concert series. Your day can be as busy or as quiet as you wish.

Plus, we have many ways for you to stay involved. Our owner residents help govern Maplewood and have final decision-making power. As an owner resident, you have the opportunity to be elected to the co-op board. Or you can participate in any of the many resident-run committees. They’re dedicated to every part of life at Maplewood, from dining to event programming, health services, budget, finance and more.

A day in the life at Maplewood is a day that’s all about you and the close group of friends you’ll have here from day one. “It’s a very, very warm atmosphere, a warm group,” owner resident Derek Hawver says. “This is one of the best decisions we ever made.”

Have more questions you’d like answered? Contact us today.

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